Stewards Series On-Line Training Modules

Stewards Series on-line training modules.

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If you are a union steward and want to increase your knowledge and hone your skills, these on-line modules will help. 

Tier One courses are broad-based, while Tier Two courses offer more specific learning for stewards who want to develop areas of expertise.  See what is available and start your learning.

If you are not a steward but would like to become one, please contact your Local


PSAC Stewards Series On-line Learning  LINK:

Here is a List of the Steward Series Modules:

Tier One Courses are a Pre-requisite for the Advanced Representation Training for Steward (ARTs):

  • Why Unions?
  • Role of Stewards
  • Building our Union
  • Steward as Problem-solvers
  • Grievances: An Overview
  • Human Rights in the Workplace


Tier Two Courses:
Tier Two, Group A

  • Employment Equity in the Workplace
  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Stewards as Allies for Racial Justice
  • Connecting with Members with Disabilities
  • Connecting with Aboriginal Members
  • Defending GLB Members Against Homophobia in the Workplace
  • Defending Trans Members’ Rights in the Workplace
  • Creating Gender Equality
  • Mental Health Matters

Tier Two, Group B

  • Economics for stewards in the Workplace
  • Planning an Action – Taking Action
  • Creating Harassment-free Workplaces
  • The Obligation to Represent Members Fairly
  • What Stewards Need to Know about Health and Safety
  • Working Strategically Through Conflict