More and more, workers in Ontario are increasingly pushed into precarious, unsafe, and hyper-flexible working conditions. Workers can feel powerless, and it’s easy to overlook or forget the power of organized labour – that is, workers forming a union together to demand accountability and fairness at work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my employer have a say in the union organizing drive, can they interfere?

Your employer cannot interfere in a union organizing drive.  An employer cannot intimidate their employees who support the union. Workers have the right to unionize.

Union activities, such as card signing, should not happen on the employer’s property.

Interference and retaliation for unionization is illegal and PSAC should be notified of any intimidation.

How do I help to unionize my workplace?

Organizing a union is a collective process – it’s not something you have to do alone! The steps to unionizing with PSAC are: 

  • PSAC Organizer works closely with you, and coordinates the process
  • a small group of workers will form the organizing committee
  • workers sign their confidential union membership card
  • the workers, the PSAC Organizer, and other representatives of the union will work together to make the organizing campaign successful
  • The Ontario Labour Relations Board will hold a secret ballot vote, where workers can vote to join the union

Each campaign is unique and the realities of the workplace, the nature of the employer, particular issues all factor in to how the campaign unfolds.  Your PSAC Organizer will be with you to answer questions along the way. 

Which sectors/industries does PSAC represent? 

As in our name, PSAC is well known for representing the public service sector. In the last decade, workers from many sectors have chosen to join the PSAC, including:

University sector 

First Nations Policing and Health Services

Casinos and gaming sector

Nonprofit and non-government organizations

Even if your workplace doesn’t fit within these categories, contact us and we can connect you with options to unionize your workplace.