Union Education at PSAC Ontario

PSAC offers some of the best union education courses in the Canadian labour movement. Our program uses a popular education approach. Our courses invite members to share their knowledge, reflect on new learning, take action and change their world for the better. Participants analyze ideas, discuss new information, solve problems and practice new skills.

PSAC helps cover the costs of your participation and we are committed to making our courses accessible to all members. For further information you can check out our education related policies here and review our course catalog here.

PSAC Ontario runs two terms of Basic Education Courses annually, a Fall Term from September to December and a Winter Term from January to May. Advanced Education Courses are offered when available. You can find all upcoming courses in the schedule at the bottom of this page.

Internal Training Resources

Learning through Activism, Organizing and Political Action.

We believe that education happens not only in the classroom but also through taking action and upon reflecting and learning from our experiences. Every strike line, every union event is an opportunity for us to strengthen our skills, develop our analysis and ultimately increase our capacity to effect change.

We encourage members to get involved and deepen their learning through:

Below you can also find some programs and organizations that offer opportunities for you to deepen your learning, organizing and leadership skills:

From getting involved at PSAC to taking action in the larger labour movement, we encourage you to see your activism as a source of learning and personal growth.

Learning Solidarity through Anti-Racism, Decolonization, and Equity

At the heart of what we do as trade unionists is taking collective action. To understand where we are today as a labour movement we must learn from where we came from in the past. Thus at the heart of our PSAC Ontario education program lies a mission to better understand the mistakes of the past so we can build a future where working people can develop the skills, awareness and wisdom to be in solidarity with one another.

PSAC Ontario’s Solidarity Through Racial Justice online learning module serves as an introduction to how racism has divided and weakened the labour movement and how despite their exclusion, racialized workers have fought throughout history for social and economic justice. It is only through building solidarity across diverse backgrounds, between different working communities and equity groups can we come together to win for working people.

Educational Resources