Craig Reynolds Elected Regional Executive Vice-President for Ontario

Craig Reynolds stepped into the role of Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP) in September 2020. At the 2021 Ontario Regional Convention, delegates elected Craig as the REVP for Ontario and then re-elected him at our 2023 Ontario Convention that took place from June 9-11, 2023.

Craig began his employment in the federal public service with a term assignment at the Immigration and Refugee Board and in 2005, he secured a permanent position at the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

Craig’s experiences with the growing precarious nature of employment within the public service was a key element to getting him involved in our union. His passion for social justice and commitment to equity, motivated him to take on many roles, holding elected positions at every level of our union.

“I see the role of REVP as the bridge to connect the many different parts of our unions’ structure,” says Craig. “Only by working together can we empower our members to strengthen our union and advance the rights of all workers.”