Transgender Awareness Day

Transgender Awareness Week runs from November 13 to 19. Queer Event’s Trans 101 explains that transgender (sometimes shortened to trans) is an umbrella term used for people whose gender identity is not in harmony with their birth assignment, either wholly or partially, or who experience their gender identity as radically different from what is expected of a “man” or “woman.” This includes, but is not limited to, people who identify as transgender, a trans woman, a trans man, gender non-conforming, gender variant, or gender queer. 

Queer Event’s Trans Rights page talks about how trans rights are human rights. This means the right to exist without fear of harassment, violence, and discrimination simply because someone is transgender. The transgender community is constantly fighting for the right to live everyday with the same level of respect, decency, acknowledgement, and access as cis-gender * individuals (*cis-gender is a term used for people whose gender identity matches their biological sex).

Education is one consistent way to combat hate and discrimination; the more informed we are, the more change we can affect.

Read HRC’s Understanding the Transgender Community.

Watch Sort Of, season 1 (and season 2 once it starts streaming).

Pick up and read Trans Inclusive Alternatives to Harry Potter.

Watch Disclosure and use these Disclosure toolkits to have discussions. 

Antonietta/ Netta Coccaro (they/them) 
2SLGBTQIA+ Representative
PSAC Ontario Council