PSAC Publications and Resources

PSAC produces a wide variety of toolkits, booklets and resource guides for activists, Locals and Branches, and Regional Committees and Area Councils. We have collected them here as a resource for members.

If you would like a printed copy of any of these materials, contact your regional office or PSAC Representative.

updated July 2021

The Power of Inclusive Language Glossary

PSAC Local/Branch Officers’ Handbook (2021)

PSAC Young Workers Committee Handbook (2021)

Human Rights Committee Handbook (2020)

Regional Women’s Committee Handbook (2020)

PSAC Organization/Structure Map (2019)

Duty to Accommodate Guide (2019)

Human Rights Committee Handbook (2019)

Regional Women’s Committee Handbook (2019)

Retiring from the Public Service of Canada – Tips and information for PSAC members ** hired before January 1, 2013 **

Building Trans-Inclusive Workplaces: A Guide for Managers, Unions and Workers (2019)

Gender-Inclusive Washrooms in Your Workplace: A Guide for Employees and Managers (2019)

Employment Equity – A toolkit for PSAC members (2018)

PSAC Shop Steward Tool Kit (2017)

PSAC Works For Women 24 page booklet (2014)

The Real Rules About Union Activity in the Workplace (2015) – info about deskdrops, etc.

Your Political Rights – Use Them! (2015)

Mental Health at work – Why it matters (2014)

Sick Leave in the Federal Public Service: a Reality Check (2014 brochure)

PSAC Works for GLBT rights (2014)

Top 10 Historical Gains For PSAC Members poster (2014)

PSAC Works For Women handout (2013)

Recruitment and Mobilization Toolkit for Area Councils and Committees (2012)

Health & Safety Tool Kit (2011) A Handbook for Union Officers, Representatives, H&S Committee Members and Activists

A Steward’s Guide to Grievance Handling (2011)

PSAC Rules of Order (amended 2010)

Disability Insurance PSAC Local Officer’s Assistance Kit (2010)

Disability Insurance – A handful of tips for PSAC members (2010)

Take Action! Everything you need to know to mobilize workers to win positive change (2008)

PSAC Awareness Kit on Scent Free Environments (2006)

PSAC Booklet on Staffing in the Federal Public Service (2006)