Many workers in Ontario do not enjoy the rights and privileges of union representation. By unionizing with PSAC, workers can achieve:

  • Negotiated pay and benefits
  • Fair grievance and dispute resolution processes
  • Fair and transparent staffing procedures
  • Entitlements of seniority in scheduling, recall, holidays, etc.
  • A stronger voice in workplace operations

PSAC members are entitled to union representation in their workplace; union education; participation in union functions, regional committees and elected bodies.

PSAC locals establish democratic structures that meet their members’ needs, including the composition of the local executive, local committees and a stewards’ network.

With the support of PSAC Officers, staff and members, new PSAC locals quickly become capable of running their daily affairs while making the links to the rest of the Union.

To find out how to join PSAC, to review recent campaign successes, or to discuss the process of negotiating for better working conditions review the attached Fairness@Work brochure or contact the Ontario Organizer:

Tanya Ferguson

Tel: (647) 417-1523