Message from PSAC Ontario REVP Craig Reynolds

What matters most to you in this election?

The Ontario provincial election is just weeks away. It is our opportunity to elect a government that will be responsible for our post-pandemic recovery. And based on their track record, we can’t afford another four years of a Progressive Conservative government.

The harsh truth is, the people of Ontario are being shortchanged. 

A recent report from the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario found the province spent $11,794 per person to fund public programs in 2020–21 — the least of any province and well below the provincial average of $13,754. Even during the pandemic, Ontario only spent an average of $4,800 per person on health care, $500 less than the national average of $5,336.

We deserve a government that will invest in our critical social infrastructure to support families who have seen their quality of life diminish over the years.
Instead, in a blatant attempt to win votes, Doug Ford is announcing new funding for initiatives that his government previously axed when they first came into power. This includes raising the minimum wage, paid sick leave, funding for electric vehicles, and salary increases for personal support workers.

This premier has shown time and time again he doesn’t have our best interests at heart. That’s why he left billions of dollars of federal funding on the table during the pandemic that could have bolstered our health care system and helped families. And it’s also why his party consistently rejected giving workers in Ontario paid sick leave, further putting the public at risk. 

Doug Ford is out for himself and the people of Ontario are paying the price.

When you cast your ballot on June 2nd, ask yourself whether another Conservative government is in the best interests of workers. If you agree the answer is no, then take our pledge to vote for a candidate who will invest in our schools, hospitals and communities. 

Let’s elect a government that is willing to protect workers and invest in our province – Now is the time! 

In Solidarity,

Craig Reynolds,

PSAC Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President