Genderfluid Visibility Week

Genderfluid Visibility Week is an internationally-recognized commemorative day, celebrated annually on October 17 through to October 24. This week is also called Genderfluid Week, Fluid Week, or Genderfluid Awareness Week. 

Genderfluid people often express a desire to remain flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a single definition or term. They may change among differing gender identities over their lifetime, or express multiple aspects of various gender expressions at the same time.

genderfluid carrd is a short slideshow that explains basic concepts about gender & pronouns. 

To everyone and anyone who is fluid, we see you. Happy Genderfluid Visibility Week! 

Antonietta/ Netta Coccaro (they/them) 
2SLGBTQIA+ Representative
PSAC Ontario Council