PSAC Greater Toronto Area Council

March 10, 2022

6:30pm -

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The Greater Toronto Area Council would like to thank those who walk the talk of ending oppression, discrimination and racism. With the recent invasion of Ukraine it is clear we all need to take further steps toward peace. We can strengthen democracy through engaging our members and mobilizing against hate and injustice. At the upcoming GTAC AGM, please join us as we elect leaders to the Executive and review and discuss updating our bylaws. Join us on the 10th of March at 6:30PM to continue our campaign of recovery toward a sustainable and just society.  
A good way to make progress is by knowing the path our Area Allies are on. Leverage the initiatives of Regional Labour Councils in the GTA, namely TYRLCPRLC and DRLC . In addition, consider OFL Campaigns and CLC Actions. Please take note of the various PSAC posts for direct member news and event that unite us in collective action. Click here for negotiation developments for all PSAC members in the GTA. 
Join in the call for a just recovery and make the voices of those in the Black Community most affected by Covid matter more.  

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1. Call to Order 
a. Solidarity Statement 
b. Land Acknowledgement 

2. Review of Agenda 

3. Review of GTAC GMM  

4. Officer Reports  
a. Annual Report 
b. Financial Statement 
c. Budget for GTAC  

5. Old Business 
a. Riding issues for Provincial Election and Candidate Surveys b. Bylaw amendments 

6. New Business 
a. Political Action Plan 
b. Ukrainian War 
c. Election of GTAC President and Treasurer 

7. Adjournment 
a. Round Table 
b. Next Meeting 10Mar2022

GTAC President