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Young Worker Summit 2018

Hello PSAC Ontario Young Worker Activists!
Are you interested in meeting other PSAC Ontario young activists and collaborating to shape our union and the broader labour movement?  If so, apply to participate in the PSAC Ontario 2018 Young Worker Summit!
The Summit takes place October 24th – 26th, 2018  in Cornwall Ontario at the NAV Centre.
The theme for the PSAC Ontario 2018 Young Worker Summit is:
Through your participation in the summit you will:
  • Meet other PSAC Ontario Young Worker activists
  • Have an opportunity to build your capacity as an activist
  • Have a safe space to acquire the tools necessary to ensure Young Worker voices are heard within our Union beyond the Summit.
  • Revitalize the Young Worker network to cultivate support and connections that will continue to build and strengthen the future of our Union.
  • Build the confidence of Young Workers within our Union and their workplaces to effect real change for healthier workplaces and communities.
This Summit is for PSAC Ontario members who:
  • Are Young Workers (35 and under)
  • Are Members in good standing
  • Have demonstrated an interest in participating in union or other social justice initiatives
  • Can explain how they can/will apply this experience to labour or social justice initiatives
  • Are interested in future participation or leadership roles within their local or beyond
  • Are interested in building an inclusive, innovative, and dynamic union
The selection of participants will be based on the responses to the questions on the application form, while also considering representation criteria (equity groups, DCL/Component, and geographic area etc.).
Applications Must be submitted by end of day on July 30, 2018
Please complete the attached application form and send it by email, mail or fax to Beth Bennett at the PSAC London Regional Office by July 30, 2018:
480 Sovereign Rd. Unit 11
London, ON N6M 1A4
Fax: 519-659-1132
In order to foster an environment of solidarity and community the PSAC Ontario Young Worker Summit is an in-residence experience. This means participants will stay onsite at the NAV Centre.  The Summit is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 9:00am. Participants traveling from outside of Cornwall, ON should arrange to arrive on the evening of Tuesday, October 23rd. The summit will adjourn at noon on Friday, October 26th, 2018.
All delegates to the Summit will be funded according to the PSAC Travel Policy http://psacunion.ca/psac-travel-policy  
We expect participants to travel by the most direct, economical means.  Approval of travel plans and funding will be made on a case by case basis, dependent on the participants location and in accordance with the PSAC Travel Policy.
Personal Vehicles and Mileage:
Participants who choose to drive will be reimbursed according to rates in the PSAC Travel Policy. This travel requires prior approval and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 
Loss of Salary:
Loss of salary will be compensated for any hours that a participant was regularly scheduled to work. With prior approval, loss of salary may be compensated for travel on Tuesday October 23rd for participants travelling more than 150km away from the Summit location and who cannot travel after working hours.
Participants will stay at the NAV Centre in Cornwall, ON and all accommodations will be arranged on your behalf.
Family Care:
Family Care costs will be reimbursed as per the PSAC Family Care Policy.
The Young Worker Summit is a harassment free and scent free environment.
The Young Worker Summit will be paperless.  Please bring a laptop to view necessary documents, or let us know if you require a laptop for use during the Summitt.  If you require paper documents, you may note this in the “special requirements” field on the application form.
Sharon DeSousa,                                                         Amanda Gebara,
Regional Executive Vice-President – Ontario                   Young Worker Representative,
Public Service Alliance of Canada                                      PSAC Ontario Council
First and Last Name
Full address including postal code
The PSAC is committed to ensuring that the accessibility and dietary requirements of our members are respected. Please indicate your needs below and provide any necessary explanation that will assist us in meeting them. The PSAC strives to ensure that PSAC events are barrier-free for all members.
In addition to the information you’ve provided above, we’d like you to respond, in roughly 250-400 words total, to the questions below. Don’t worry too much about grammar and spelling, we’re much more interested in the ideas you present in response to the questions below.