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This means 30-year legal battles to resolve pay equity complaints will become a thing of the past. Instead employers will be responsible for developing pay equity plans, and must do so with the equal participation of worker representatives.

The legislation introduced also repeals the former Conservative government’s Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act which took away key pay equity rights from workers in the federal public sector.

PSAC is recommending a change to Bill C-81 to say that accessibility in employment must be handled under the Employment Equity Act.

Other recommendations include:

  • Undertaking a long-overdue review and update of the Employment Equity Act
  • Centralizing disability-related issues and accessibility in the federal public service by returning the responsibilities that have been devolved to departments to Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission, and
  • Requiring Treasury Board to set up a central accommodation fund for the public service

Thanks to the courage of the member who brought this case forward, PSAC successfully appealed the Board’s decision and received the positive ruling last week. The Federal Court of Appeal confirmed that there is an obligation to compensate victims of sexual harassment and violence, and further, that sexual assault survivors can be compensated for harm suffered regardless of whether the sexual assault was the sole cause of the harm.


The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) is currently in a difficult round of bargaining with Canada Post that may result in a strike or lockout.

Should this occur, members are encouraged to support CUPW in their efforts for a fair collective agreement by participating on picket lines and sending messages of support.

If you are 35 or under and this sounds like something you would like to participate in, please complete this application by October 26 to be considered.


As a result of recent vacancy on the PSAC Ontario Council, we are holding a by-election in accordance with the PSAC Ontario By-laws, for the following vacant position:

Alternate Racially Visible Members representative