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People with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) can suffer debilitating physical symptoms when exposed to chemicals in the environment that have no effect on most people.

Check out the video. 

PSAC welcomed the release of a second report by the Joint Task Force on Mental Health today. The task force, made up of an equal number of union and employer representatives, has a long-term focus of improving mental health in the workplace. The second report provides specific direction to federal public service organizations in key areas to help guide these efforts. 

Since December 16, 2015, PSAC members employed by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (the OLG) have demonstrated tremendous and overwhelming solidarity in the face of a brutal five-month lock out imposed by the OLG. 

Today, following the successful lobbying efforts of our members, including their direct conversations with the Premier of Ontario, the union and the employer agreed to a process of binding arbitration to resolve all outstanding issues between parties.

PSAC’s June 8th actions in support of our federal public service bargaining teams are less than two weeks away. I encourage all PSAC members in the federal public service to participate. Please contact your local, or the closest PSAC Regional office, to find out how you can participate.

The president of the Treasury Board, Minister Scott Brison today informed PSAC that the Liberals will be repealing the Harper government’s Bill C4, division 17 that restricted our members’ rights to collective bargaining.

“We recognize this as an attempt to correct some of the harm done by the Conservatives. We are looking forward to further discussions to ensure that this round of bargaining will be conducted in a fair manner,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.

This is a special message to encourage all PSAC members who work in the federal public service, including members at Parks Canada, the Canadian Border Service Agency, Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, to join whatever action your locals are organizing on June 8 to support our bargaining teams.

The course of collective bargaining for the entire federal public sector will be set when our Treasury Board bargaining teams are back at the bargaining table on June 18.