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We are devastated by the horrendous attack that took place in Orlando over the weekend, targeting primarily queer and trans people of colour who were celebrating Pride. 
PSAC stands in solidarity with GLBT communities and pledges to honour the memories of 49 people who were killed by continuing  to stand up against homophobia, transphobia, racism and Islamophobia.

In light of the slow pace of negotiations with the new Liberal government, the PSAC is calling on members to boycott the government’s National Public Service Week to be held June 12-18 this year.

The Liberal government has yet to deliver on their stated commitment to repair their relationship with the public service and restore respect for public service workers.

That is why we strongly encourage our members to boycott National Public Service Week and to urge their co-workers to do the same.

We need to show this new government that we are united in our demands at the table. 

A House of Commons Special Committee on Pay Equity is recommending a new proactive federal law for public and private sector workers.

“We are very pleased with the Committee’s report – It’s Time to Act  recommending the government accept the overall direction of the 2004 Federal Pay Equity Task Force report and adopt the majority of its recommendations,” said PSAC national president Robyn Benson.

The Committee recognized the current law isn’t working for either employees or employers. It also recognized the role of unions in the pay equity process.

In her presentation to the Special Committee, Benson highlighted PSAC’s almost 40-year history of successful pay equity complaints in spite of long delays and stubborn resistance by employers. The recent victory for members at Statistical Survey Operations took almost 15 years to achieve.

In the face of a looming court date, the Liberal government has finally set in place interim measures to suspend application of unconstitutional legislation to current collective agreement talks.

Letter from Minister Scott Brison 

Minister Scott Brison issued a letter at the eleventh hour before government lawyers would have been required to appear in court. The letter commits to restoring rights to dispute resolution mechanisms, essential services, the constitutionally protected right to strike and allowing a fair consideration of all factors and issues relevant to collective bargaining.

This past weekend, a PSAC member was physically attacked in London. Violence has no place in our society and this situation demonstrates the impacts racism, islamophobia and xenophobia have on an individual and on an entire community.

The belief that we are different from others is dangerous and manifests in discrimination and physical, emotional and psychological violence.

The Ontario government is looking at overhauling labour laws in this province. This is an important opportunity to improve the basic working conditions of every single worker in Ontario.

The Labour movement and community organizations are lobbying for paid sick days for all workers in Ontario, as currently our province has no legislated mandatory paid sick days.

PSAC’s own healthy workplaces campaign has been fighting to protect our federal public service members’ sick days and it would be a major victory to extend paid sick days to every worker in Ontario.