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Acting RCMP Commissioner Daniel Dubeau believes the new deeming date will allow the government to stabilize Phoenix before RCMP CMs join the federal public service.

No need to risk Phoenix

PSAC and USJE see no reason to make any assumption about when Phoenix will be stabilized and continue to advocate that RCMP CMs should not be moved to Phoenix until all federal public service workers are paid accurately and on time. 

A full listing can be found online here.

Also, you can download the 2018 Workers Health and Safety Centre Day of Mourning brochure.

Let us come together, pay our respects to those we have lost, and to work together on building a safer future for all workers.

PSAC represents about 90,000 federal public service workers who are employed by the Treasury Board of Canada. The current collective agreements for the the following bargaining units will expire within the next four months:

Figures released from the Public Service Employee Survey this past week found that 93% of those impacted by Phoenix had to spend hours of their own time to try to resolve their pay problems. Almost 50% spent days trying to get paid correctly and 14% said it has taken them 40 hours or more.

When the Phoenix nightmare began, one of the first things PSAC did was secure a claims process for expenses incurred because of inaccurate pay. We encourage our members to claim these expenses.

There is no deadline for submitting these claims. If you incurred expenses due to a pay problem in 2016 or 2017, you are still eligible to file.

As a PSAC member working for the Treasury Board - FB Group, you will be voting on a tentative agreement with your employer between April 16 and May 31, 2018.

If you wish to vote, you must ensure that you are a member in good standing and that the union has an up to date mailing address for you. If you have not done this yet, please update your information here. This vote will be conducted electronically, and we need to ensure that only those entitled receive the PIN number required to cast a vote.