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For 3 years and counting, thousands of workers across the country have received overpayments because of Phoenix. But rather than limiting the burden of these Phoenix errors to calculating the overpayment and repaying it to the employer, the government has forced these workers to reimburse the gross amount of the overpayment (cpp payments, income tax deductions, etc...) – significantly more than the amount they received.

Our union has special sympathy for the plight of your members because our members who work for Canada’s federal public service have been been suffering the consequences of a botched payroll system for the past three years.  They have experienced a myriad of pay problems including missed paychecks or the wrong pay, and incorrect calculations of entitlements and benefits.  Our members know what it means to have no income; they know the hardship of economic and job insecurity. 

PSAC is disappointed over the government’s inability to meet reasonable implementation deadlines for its workers at the CBSA, especially considering the union generously doubled the timeframe, from 75 days to 150 days. This has been a reoccurring problem, as the government has struggled to meet its implementation deadlines for several other collective agreements such as CFIA, Parks Canada and the PA, SV, TC and EB groups, due to Phoenix issues. 

Last week, PSAC filed a complaint on behalf of CFIA workers with the Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board. Members should have seen the implementation of their newest contract by December 12, but Parks workers are still waiting despite having signed the agreement in July. 

Members met in ratification meetings across the country December 3 – 19 to learn about the full details contained in the new contract and to vote on its acceptance.

The Government proposed to increase wage rates by only 0.75% per year for 4 years, well below the rate of inflation, and refused to make the increase retroactive to the start of the term o fthe collective agreementIn addition, they requested the new agreement only take effect 365 days after it is signed by both parties, amounting to a two-year wage freeze for PSAC members.