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Whether it is in unemployment rates, wage gaps or opportunities for advancement in the workplace; Black Canadians continue to face barriers in employment. Black trade unionists in Canada have continued to demonstrate their leadership and activism in the Canadian labour movement by fighting for social change through union organizing and ensuring language in collective agreements reflect the fight to end racism and promote equality in the workplace.

PSAC has secured new face-to-face bargaining sessions in February. Our top priority is to obtain a fair wage settlement, and improvements in areas such as work-life balance, workload, leave provisions, and the use of temporary workers.

“We will mobilize members to pressure Prime Minister Trudeau to live up to his promise of a new relationship with public service workers – one of respect,” said PSAC National President, Chris Aylward. “His Government is betraying our members and Canadians who depend on high quality public service.”

Members can now download an electronic version of our PSAC calendars. 

PSAC wishes to thank all who applied. The 2019 program will re-open in April with new guidelines and application forms.

On January 17, 2019, the Ontario Minister of Training Colleges and Universities Merrilee Fullerton, announced a 10 per cent reduction in tuition fees for domestic students at colleges and universities for 2019-20 and a tuition freeze until 2021.

However, this announcement of a 10 per cent reduction is pure fiction. It is an attempt by this Progressive Conservative government to hide the fact that they are making drastic cuts to post-secondary education.

The government’s NextGen HR and Pay Team is hosting a series of User Expos across Canada which will allow members to try out potential payroll software that could replace Phoenix. The events will take place from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm in the lobbies of the buildings listed below.

These events will provide an opportunity for many public service workers to contribute to in the selection process for the next generation of government payroll software.