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PSAC encourages our members to participate in the national conversation about mental health.

Recently, PSAC welcomed the release of a third report by the Joint Task Force entitled Building Success: Guide to Establishing and Maintaining a Psychological Health and Safety Management System in the Federal Public Service. The guide is meant to create a cultural shift in how mental health issues are addressed in the federal workplace.

Robyn Benson, PSAC’s National President, is union co-chair of the Steering Committee for the Joint Task Force on Mental Health.

PSAC joins all those celebrating Black History Month by acknowledging the contributions of Black Canadians across the country and throughout our history. 

Black Canadians are leaders in every field, both within our borders and abroad, as they make advancements in all areas of life including education, science, art, medicine, sports, law, technology, politics and social justice. Their perseverance, strength and passion are reflected in the vibrant communities all across Canada. 

PSAC has written the President of the Treasury Board requesting a remission order to protect federal public service workers who have been subject to overpayment errors by Phoenix. This would provide all federal public service workers who received overpayments an exemption from repaying the gross amount – which is more than what they received.

“We have been clear that, under no circumstances, should our members be forced to hand over more money than they received in overpayment. The Minister has within his power the ability to solve this problem and that is what we are asking him to do,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson.

Treasury Board did not update its leave system to include Union leave (Peoplesoft code 641) before January 1st. Treasury Board estimates it will have the necessary coding completed by February 15th.

Until the update to the leave system is completed, members will need to submit a paper request, including the union authorization letter, to their employer to claim Union leave. Code 641 should also be noted on any paper form submitted. The Employer will continue to invoice your Union for your salary expenses and your pay and benefits will continue uninterrupted. 

PSAC has scheduled training for pay advocates, normally local officers or stewards, that have been assisting members with Phoenix issues. This training will provide information and training on tools specifically for assisting those with pay issues. It will also provide information on our key objectives in pressuring the government to address and resolve Phoenix.

Attention Union of Canada Post Communication Employees (UPCE)
With a tentative agreement reached with Canada Post, our union is preparing for the ratification voting process.
Voting will take place at the following dates, times and location:

Stoney Creek:
Date: Tuesday, January 30th, 2018
Time: 11:30 am
Location: Barbara’s Café, 387 Barton Street, Stoney Creek