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For years, PSAC has been advocating for the federal government to formally prohibit discrimination against transgender and transsexual persons.

Bill C-16 amends the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code by adding protections against discrimination and violence based on gender identity or expression.

On October 18, 2016, the House of Commons overwhelmingly adopted this bill. It is currently before the Senate, where it faces opposition from many Conservative senators.

We need to ensure that the Senate passes the bill unamended, so it can be officially adopted into law.

The latest annual report on the federal public service notes the failure of the Phoenix pay system as one of the biggest challenges that faced the public service last year.

Failure to plan properly

The Clerk of the Privy Council’s Twenty-Fourth Annual Report on the Public Service of Canada states that the “urgency” of going forward with Phoenix “led to an unsuccessful launch” and that “planning and implementation… fell short.” The Clerk admits that “the resulting hardship faced by public servants and their families is deeply regrettable and unacceptable.”

Our bargaining team met with SSO during the week of May 1. The team started the week in caucus, where we had planned to review SSO’s proposals, but unfortunately the documents provided by our employer contained many errors and lacked clarity. This made it impossible for us to do our work of analyzing their proposals.

Tuesday, we were pleased to meet all members of the employer’s bargaining team. We communicated the problems with their proposals and the lack of professionalism this demonstrated. In response they requested the rest of the day to review their proposals, but first, SSO’s Director General Geoff Bowlby presented us with an overview of SSO operations.

After pressure from PSAC, the government agreed to compensate federal public service employees, with tax problems caused by the Phoenix pay system, for up to $200 per year of tax advisory services.

The claim and release form is strictly restricted to tax advisory services for the tax years 2016 and 2017.

Our bargaining team met with the Agency on May 2, 3 and 4.

We tabled a pay proposal to mirror what was achieved at the core public administration. This includes market and wage adjustments, grid restructuring and harmonization. We expect a full response from the Agency when we meet again.

Greetings, This year’s National Public Service Week (NPSW) will be held from June 11-17, 2017. At a time when our members are stressed and struggling with financial uncertainty, due to the Phoenix pay system, it is difficult to justify employer-sponsored activities. PSAC members are on the front-lines of delivering and protecting public services, and yet many continue to struggle with improper pay. I urge all Locals to hold your own member appreciation events for NPSW and continue our campaign to #FixPhoenix. Contact your nearest PSAC Regional office to help plan your activities.