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Shortly after PSAC National President Robyn Benson sent a letter to Minister Scott Brison, President of Treasury Board, asking about fair treatment of RCMP civilian members, we received Treasury Board’s written commitment to provide pay-matched civilian members with the pay increases recently negotiated by their comparators in the core public administration. We’ll confirm with the employer as to when raises will be provided. Treasury Board has also committed to ensuring that the deeming process will be undertaken on a “good faith” basis.

In 1992, twenty-six workers died in the Nova Scotia Westray mine disaster, where an underground methane explosion occurred.  This disaster gave rise to the Westray bill, which amended the Criminal Code of Canada, holding employers criminally liable who failed to protect the safety of their workers.

April 28th, is a day to remember all the workers who have been injured or killed at work. It is important that Canadians send a strong message to their political representatives that workplace deaths and injuries are inexcusable. It is time employers see the consequences of their neglect of workplace safety. 

Our PSAC/CIU bargaining team for the FB group broke off talks in February after spending three days in mediation with the employer and making no progress on our key priorities. Also, CBSA continued to push concessions.

Consequently, our bargaining team proceeded to the next step in the process provided for under the law – filing for a Public Interest Commission (PIC).

Once the PSAC filed for a PIC with the Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board (PSLREB), the Treasury Board responded by indicating that a PIC was premature and that more mediation was required.

April 24, 2017, is the 4th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,134 and injured 2,500 garment workers.

To commemorate this anniversary, Canadian unions have joined together to promote action to raise public awareness about the struggle of factory workers. Today, we are asking Canadian retail brands, that operate factories in Bangladesh, to disclose their suppliers in the country. We are also urging them to tell us how they are supporting workers’ rights and to publicly disclose how their suppliers are correcting the workplace violations uncovered by factory inspections.

April 22 is Earth Day.

One year ago, the Canadian government, along with 194 other countries, signed the Paris climate change agreement. By signing, Canada and other countries agreed to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius and to adapt to climate change impacts.

The Liberals have also promised to consult First Nations on pipelines and resource extraction and to end boil water advisories in First Nation communities across the country by 2021.

PSAC is working to ensure the government meets these targets, but after 16 months in power they are far behind where they should be.

PSAC is doing everything in its power to ensure that the pay system is fixed so that our members in the federal public service get paid correctly and on-time. We are also demanding the government address the difficulties our members are facing because of Phoenix.

PSAC meets regularly with the employer to advance the concerns of our members and to find concrete solutions.