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As the year-end draws near, PSAC is demanding the government take immediate action to exempt public service workers they have mistakenly overpaid, from being forced to pay back the gross amount.

“When overpayments show up in the bank accounts of our members, they receive the net amount. But after December 31, 2017, these members will be on the hook for the gross pay,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson. “This is completely unfair. Where are they going to get that money?”    

In a recent report to Parliament, the House of Commons Finance Committee has told the federal government not to privatize Canada’s airports.

The report of the committee’s pre-budget consultations for the 2018 federal budget states that the government should “limit passenger and operational costs by preventing the privatization of Canadian airports.”

“We are glad to see that the Finance Committee has made this important recommendation,” said Robyn Benson, Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) National President. “Privatizing Canada’s airports would be bad news for travelers and for the communities where airports are located.”

Our NAV CANADA bargaining team meets with the employer December 12 – 15, 2017 as negotiations for a new collective agreement begin. Our new bargaining team was nominated at the NAV CANADA Bargaining Conference, which took place in October, and consists of:

  • Sheri Campeau
  • Michelle Webster
  • Michelle Timmerman
  • Suzanne Dupuis (1st Alternate)
  • Michael McCullough (2nd Alternate)
  • Steve McCarthy (3rd Alternate)

The Joint Union/Management TBS Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion released its final report.

The Task Force had a one-year mandate to define, establish the case, and make recommendations towards a framework and action plan to improve  diversity and inclusion in Canada’s public service.

Diversity and inclusion, along with strong employment equity initiatives, are critical to removing systemic barriers and having a workplace that is respectful and free of discrimination and harassment.

With a tentative agreement reached last month with Canada Post, our union is preparing for the ratification voting process.

Ratification kits containing the details of the tentative agreement will be posted for download on the PSAC national website before the end of this year and will be distributed by PSAC regional offices at ratification vote meetings.

Ratification meetings will be held from January 22 to February 21, 2018. More information, including the date and location, on your local ratification meeting will be posted on your PSAC region’s website. Please check it regularly.

The deeming of RCMP civilian members (CMs) has been delayed, but the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is still working hard to ensure CMs receive the full benefits of union membership until they officially join the federal public service.

PSAC has filed applications pursuant to Section 58 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act to place RCMP CMs into PSAC bargaining units and offer them all the protections of their respective collective agreements.