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Now that tax filing season is in full swing, PSAC wants to remind its members in the federal public service about some important information regarding Phoenix-related tax implications. 

Incorrect T4

If you believe you have received an incorrect T4 you need to report this. If you are in a department or agency served by the pay centreyou can contact the call centre at 1-855-686-4729. If your pay is administered by your department or agency, speak to your in-house compensation advisor or your manager for further information.

On Thursday, March 15th, we received the Public Interest Commission (PIC) recommendation concerning our contract dispute with Treasury Board/CBSA. The PIC recommendation is non-binding. It is intended to guide the parties in negotiations and help provide an avenue for the parties to make progress towards an agreement but neither party is obligated to follow the recommendations of the decision. 

The recommendation addresses a number of key issues that we raised in bargaining, issues that the employer has yet to adequately address, if at all.

On wages, the Commission's recommendation is the following (replication of increases provided to RCMP constables and also contained in the Correctional Services agreement):

Delegates of the PSAC 2018 National Triennial Convention will elect two PSAC National Officers to serve a three-year term for the positions of National President and National Executive Vice-President. They will also elect an Alternate to the National Executive Vice-President, who will assume the NEVP position should it become necessary.


  • Nominations open Friday, March 16, 2018.
  • PSAC members in good standing are eligible for nomination to these elected positions. PSAC members are not required to be Convention Delegates to be nominated for these elected positions.
  • Nominations shall be in writing, signed by a nominator and a seconder, each of whom must be accredited delegates at the PSAC 2018 National Triennial Convention.

In its budget, the government acknowledged it must work with the federal public sector unions to address the emotional and financial impacts of Phoenix. Since then, the talks concerning damages have been advancing. The compensation being sought is for the stress, the time spent dealing with, and the catastrophic losses caused by Phoenix pay problems.

The wage dispute between the CRA and the PSAC-UTE has finally been put to an end following a Bindfing Conciliation Board decision reached March 14, 2018.

On January 31, 2018 our PSAC/UTE Bargaining Team presented our case before the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board on the wage dispute with the CRA for wage increases for the years 2014-2015 and 2015-2016.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) – Ontario Region, is proud to stand with the nearly 8,000 members of UNITE HERE! Local 75, in your fight to protect your union.