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The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is seeking nominations from affiliates, local unions and labour councils for the upcoming OFL 14th Biennial Convention Awards:

·         Bob Borch Human Rights Award,

·         Cliff Pilkey Labour Activist Award,

·         Olivia Chow Child Care Champion Award,

·         OFL Cultural Award,

·         Linda Jolley Lifetime Achievement Award for Health and Safety,

·         OFL Young Workers’ Award, and

·         The Prevention Link’s Disability Prevention Activist Award.

The nomination form and/or attachments should explain why the nominee is eligible based on the criteria stated in the application.  Please include all of the nominee’s contact information.  

All nominations must be made in writing and received at the Ontario Federation of Labour by October 15, 2017.

It has recently come to the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s attention that SSO’s pay equity settlement calculations fail to include paid leaves, overtime rates, full compensation for designated paid holidays and other forms of compensation. Rest assured, PSAC will be challenging SSO’s application of the Memorandum of Agreement, as we do not believe it is in keeping with the pay equity agreement reached between the PSAC and SSO.

We recommend that members and former members affected file an appeal as soon as possible in order to adhere to the 120-day timeline specified in the settlement. PSAC’s legal counsel has recommended using the following template language for appeals:

Due to a Phoenix pay system problem, members who ought to be in good standing have been rendered not in good standing because their dues have abruptly stopped (despite their continued employment). Unfortunately, it is impossible for Membership Administration to determine if dues have stopped due to a Phoenix glitch or if the member is on leave, retired, etc. 

The Federal Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the right of adjudicators to rule on cases of termination resulting from revocation of reliability status.

“For years, the employer has been using the revocation of reliability status for 'administrative reasons' as a way to prevent PSAC members and others from challenging these types of termination decisions using the collective agreement grievance process,” said Robyn Benson, PSAC National President.

We are pleased to announce that PSAC and Treasury Board have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that details how salary protection will apply to employees included in the two groups covered by our policy grievance.

Our signing of this MOA comes in the wake of the Federal Court of Appeal decision on May 24, 2017, which upheld our grievance victory. The salary protection grievance involved PSAC members who transferred into the core public service from separate agencies.

Two groups of workers are affected