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After more than four years without a wage increase, the CRA has never made a wage offer to our bargaining team. Not in the Public Interest Commission (PIC) hearings, and not at the negotiation table. There has been absolutely nothing preventing them from doing so, including any outstanding demands from the union – that’s exactly what the bargaining table is for.

Work-related stress is also higher for members of most equity groups: 30 per cent of gender diverse people, 29 per cent of persons with disabilities, 20 per cent of Indigenous people, and 19 per cent of LGB+ people said that their level of work-related stress is “high” or “very high” (compared to an average of 16 per cent for the public service).  As well, only 37 per cent of gender diverse people and 46 per cent of persons with disabilities said that they would describe their workplace as psychologically healthy, compared with 61 per cent of the overall public service.

After a solid year of bargaining, the employer still hasn’t tabled a formal pay proposal, neither has it taken a position on implementation, Work Force Adjustment (WFA) or Phoenix protections. The agency continues to claim it doesn’t have a mandate from Treasury Board despite the fact that Parks Canada members have been working without a contract since August 2018.