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Political Action

got political actionThe Public Service Alliance of Canada - Ontario Region uses political action as an ongoing way to achieve PSAC's goals by educating, mobilizing and engaging our members, leaders, and the broader public on issues of importance. 

By working with our members, coalition and community partners through the democratic and electoral processes, such as lobbying and campaigning, we can affect and achieve positive change for members and our communities. Political action is a primary focus for our union.

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PSAC Lobbying Kit


Need help to understand the basics of "How to lobby"? The PSAC has created this information package that will get you up to speed, and ready to  inform and lobby. Apr/19

PSAC Lobbying Kit




Below are lists of MPs and MPPs. A great starting point for your political action. Lobby your MP and MPP on the importance of strong public services!

Members of Provincial Parliament - Ontario (MPP)

Members of Parliament (MP)

May 24, 2018 - 3:03pm •
Niagara Area Council Minutes St. Catharines 
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