Thunder Bay & NW ON Region Area Council Meeting Minutes-Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Thunder Bay & NW ON Area Council

Meeting Minutes of February 27, 2018

Thunder Bay Regional Office


Roll Call of Officers:

Tony Crupi, President (UTE)

Michelle Woods, Member at Large (UNE)


Peter Cloidt, Vice-President (UTE)

Kevin Lundstrom, Treasurer (UHEW)

Rita Lemick, Secretary (UHEW)

Sheila Karasewicz, (UNE)

Jason Storkson, Region 1 ON Council Rep (DCL)


Craig Wilkins (UCTE)

Danica Pavelica (UHEW)


PSAC Staff:

Sandra Goodick, Regional Representative

Nancy Johnson, Administrative Assistant


Call to order:

Tony called the meeting to order at 5:35


Approval of Agenda                             m/s Michelle/Danica

Approval of previous minutes             m/s Tony/Michelle


Executive Reports:

Tony provided an overview of the CLC lobbying training that he attended in Ottawa on February 6th, 22 PSAC members from across the country, lobby teams (groups of 8) lobbied MP’s on issues of Pharmacare, EI Reform, Pay Equity and Pensions

The MP’s he lobbied were Carol Hughes, NDP Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing and Terry Sheehan, Liberal Sault Ste. Marie


A meet and greet was held at the Centre Block in Parliament Bldgs.


He found it very interesting and informative, he is willing to take members out and lobby MP’s in Thunder Bay.  Pictures are posted on the PSAC National website.


February 13th Area Council representatives teleconference call with National President Robyn Benson and REVP’s to discuss the importance of mobilizing members to participate in February 28th Phoenix day of action and encourage members to sign petitions.  This will send a strong message to government about the on-going issues with faulting Phoenix pay system



He would like to know members thoughts are holding the AGM at NYS restaurant on N. Brodie St., can accommodate 60-70 people and host a meet n greet style snack foods and refreshments

Tentative date April 24th as Sandra will be away for the month of May until June 11th


Talked about the last bank statement from Treasurer was in December, there was approx. $2485.00 in account, has sent several emails to Kevin regarding the completion of the financial statements for 2017, has not had a response of the status

The report is due in REVP’s office by March 15th, the requirements for funding are as follows:

Four (4) meetings per year

Copy of all minutes in 2017 (Nancy submitted the 8+ meeting minutes to Cleo via email)

Completion of 2017 financial statements

2018 Budget


Tony to follow up with Kevin


No other Executive reports received


Diversity Breakfast:

Tony stated that we have attended this event for several years and it has always been in the Area Council would like the Area Council members to attend


That the Area Council purchase six (6) tickets for the event

m/s Tony/Michelle


That the attendees be:

Tony, Peter, Michelle, Jen, Sheila, Rita

Nancy and Sandra will have their seats paid by the Employer


Tony will contact the list of attendees to confirm their interest in attending


Regional Rep update:

Phoenix Lunch and Learns completed

Phoenix Pay Advocacy training completed

Lobbying training completed

First Nations Police Sector Bargaining Conference held January 30-February 1st in Thunder Bay, the OPS Act states that the police cannot belong to a union but an association, OPP wage parity completed and many increases with back pay for our members, PSAC legal is looking at the impact of the OPS Act and affect on PSAC, it won’t happen overnight but change will be forthcoming


UNE 00396 Local Union Development course to be held in March

NAPS Civilians Local Union Development course in the works

International Women’s Day March on March 8th-encouraged members to attend and carry the PSAC flag

CFIA and UPCE have ratified their Collective Agreements

Parks Canada has a tentative agreement and votes will be held electronically after attending a webinar, ON region to host joint webinars for the province, Nancy played an active role in the CFIA webinars and familiar with the electronic voting process

Border Services waiting on PIC results and looking forward to go back to the table with the Employer

Sandra stated that she will be on leave for month of May-June 11th and will be working on the provincial elections campaigns

Education budget has been spent in first three months of 2018, TUB (13), Lobbying (8), Grievance Handling (15 registered)

She talked to both Jay and Sheila, ON Council members to advised them in advance along with REO so that they can support additional funding at April council meeting

Fall school will be advance courses, date not yet secured

ON Region H&S conference dates have been confirmed as November 29-December 1 in Mississauga, 80 participants

Young Workers conference to be held in October, dates and location to be confirmed


Next meeting:

Date not set, waiting to confirm availability of executive officers and completion of financial reports


Minutes completed by Nancy Johnson, PSAC Admin as requested by Rita Lemick as she was attending AGM in Southern ON 

Our Organization: