Ratification Votes for members in the TC, PA, SV and EB Bargaining Units

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Ratification meetings

Ratification meetings that include information sessions will take place across the Ontario Region from February 20 to April 13. Information about the ratification meetings will be updated on an ongoing basis at this site as meetings are scheduled. Please check them regularly.
If you are not sure where to vote, please contact your local representative. Or, if you cannot reach a local union representative, contact the PSAC regional office closest to you.

Where to vote if you’re not close to a ratification meeting
If you work more than 60 kilometers from the closest ratification meeting location, you are entitled to a mail-in ballot. Contact the PSAC regional office closest to you for more information.
If you live and work overseas outside of Canada, contact your local for information on how to vote. If you do not know which local you belong to, contact your PSAC Regional Office.

Ratification Vote Schedule

Members may vote at any of the vote locations at any of the dates and times listed below (also PDF copy attached at bottom of page). Vote results will be announced following the closing of the voting period on April 13, 2017.

Additional Questions?

A Frequently Asked question is available or for confirmation of the meeting dates, times and locations please contact your closest Regional Office.

For a Complete List of Regional Staff Click Here

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