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Education Program

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The PSAC is proud to offer its members a union education program that ranks among the best and most comprehensive within the Canadian labour movement. Our various courses provide members with learning opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, and personal confidence. Union education encourages participation and promotes mutual respect and understanding between members and the union leadership. A trained membership is an active membership and active members build a strong union.

National Policies

(All National Policies are located online here: http://psacunion.ca/psac-policies)

Alternate Media: PSAC Policy 36

Disability Rights

Family Care Policy


Privacy and Confidentiality


Regional Education Policies

Alliance Facilitators Network Policy  

Basic Education Travel Policy 


PSAC Alliance Facilitators Network and Resources


Other Education Opportunities

PSAC Online Learning

PSAC Stewards Series On-line Learning  - NEW

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) for members at Treasury Board

Union Education Through Canadian Labour Congress

H&S Training through the WHSC & Prevention Link