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Remote Subsidies

Concerns have been raised that some members, particularly those in Northern Ontario, who live in remote locations that limit access to PSAC Education Courses. In response, the Ontario Regional Council established a portion of the Ontario Education budget as a remote subsidy. The Regional Council Education Committee is proposing that the following criteria be established for accessing the remote subsidy: 

Recommendation to Council: 
1) Any member in good standing from Region 1 (North West Ontario) & Region 2 (North East Ontario) who wish to attend a PSAC Education  course that is significant distance from where  they work/live may apply for a remote subsidy. 
2) The member requesting the subsidy should not be from a location where PSAC Education Courses are reasonably and regularly provided within the three year cycle 
3) Requests for a remote subsidy should be submitted to the PSAC Regional Office for recommendation. The Regional Office consult with the respective geographic regional council  member(s) prior to making a recommendation.
4) Once recommended, the request should be submitted to the Regional Education Officer (REO) for approval. The REO shall consult with the chair of the Regional Council Education Committee prior to approving the request.  
October 2007