PSAC Wins on Alternation Policy Grievance

Sisters and Brothers,

The PSAC won a significant victory this week before the Public Service Labour Relations Board on a major issue in the Work Force Adjustment Appendix. The Board agreed with PSAC that Treasury Board is ultimately responsible to ensure that departments are not violating the collective agreement. 
The decision strengthens the obligations of the employer to establish an effective alternation system. The grievance also dealt with the failure on the part of the employer as a whole to establish a system that works across departments.  Now, Treasury Board can no longer hide behind the departments and must directly address the violations which have occurred. 
PSAC will continue to make sure that employees who wish to find an alternate have been given every possible opportunity to do so under the terms of the collective agreement.
Please see the attached highlights and background document of the decision.
In Solidarity,
Sharon DeSousa,
PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President - Ontario