PSAC Regional Leadership Meetings

The National Board of Directors of the PSAC has unanimously endorsed a plan to protect our members against new threats to our Collective Agreement rights.

The government is preparing another budget that Finance Minister Flaherty has said will require further “sacrifice” on the part of federal government workers.  Legislation recently passed with the support of the Harper Government and now before the Senate would impose extremely intrusive rules on all unions – including PSAC Components and Locals.  At least one representative of the Harper Government has spoken openly in recent months about unilaterally opening our collective agreements to remove union security provisions that have existed for over 40 years.

These threats are serious. Our collective agreements, public services, our jobs, our union are all at risk.  We must join together and fight back. 

The National Board of Directors of the PSAC is putting in motion a new, unprecedented plan to push back these attacks and build our union member by member.  PSAC Local leaders are requested to attend a day-long meeting to discuss the plan and to receive special training on how to organize our members to respond to the latest Conservative threats facing PSAC members.

PSAC National will fund every Local President (or their designate). Locals with resources are encouraged to fund additional local participants. PSAC Regional Executive Vice-Presidents have committed to fund Regional Council members to attend the meeting held closest to where they live and work. Components are encouraged to fund Component Executive members.

Meetings will be held from 10:00am - 3:00pm to limit overnight costs and lunch will be provided on site to allow more flexibility with the agenda.

Register today by selecting the closest meeting location and completing the on-line or hardcopy registration form:

Toronto Regional Office Service Area

  • Barrie - Tuesday, May 7th - click here to register
  • Hamilton - Wednesday, May 8th - click here to register
  • Toronto - Thursday, May 9th - click here to register

Kingston Regional Office Service Area

  • Kingston - Thursday, April 18 - click here to register

London Regional Office Service Area

  • Windsor - Tuesday, May 14 - click here to register
  • London - Wednesday, May 15 - click here to register
  • Kitchener - Thursday, May 16 - click here to register

Thunder Bay Regional Office Service Area

  • Thunder Bay - Tuesday, April 30 - click here to register

Sudbury Regional Office Service Area

  • Sault Ste. Marie - Thursday, May 2 - click here to register
  • Sudbury - Friday, May 3 - click here to register 
  • Timmins - Tuesday, May 28 - click here to register

The agenda of each meeting will include:

  • Opening remarks from the REVP
  • Introductions of Component Presidents and Executive Members
  • A presentation on what is facing PSAC members, including an explanation of the assault on union security
  • A presentation on PSAC's planned response to both the continuing federal government cuts, and the assault on the Rand Formula
  • A workshop designed to help locals carry out the one-on-one initiative. The workshop will be delivered to the participants in smaller groups. The workshop material will include a local organizing kit that gives locals the tools they need to organize the one-on-one membership contact
  • Membership materials will also be given out at the workshop for locals to bring back to the workplace

For the full schedule of locations, times, and dates, please view the pdf below: