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REVP Ontario

Office of the Regional Executive Vice President: Ontario

Sharon DeSousa, REVP Ontario


Phone: (416) 485-3558 Ext. 231

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Cleo Reid ReidC@psac.com

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Sharon DeSousa – PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP), Ontario

I am committed to listening to, and engaging members in, the decision-making process. As REVP, I believe that consultation and a respectful dialogue are vital in addressing members concerns.

The power of our membership is in our voice and in our votes. We must use our collective voices as a political force in ensuring public services are protected for all Canadians.

To build a strong PSAC membership we need to guarantee all members have a solid union foundation. Education needs to be relevant, available and accessible to all members. I will work to make our region continuously evolve to meet the needs of our 30,000 members; working together to build our Union.

There are many challenges ahead of us; nevertheless, through mobilization and political action our region will continue to be a leader in promoting social justice.  We will use our shared power to fight injustice, intolerance and for the betterment of communities across this province.

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2017 PSAC ONTARIO CONVENTION May 26, 2017 • Mississaugua