Criteria for Educational Subsidies

Criteria for Educational Subsidies

(updated October 2009)
1: The applicant has to:
    ii) be a member in good standing of the PSAC in Ontario 
    iii) apply for subsidy to a labour oriented learning event
    iv) apply for a course offered by, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC); Occupational Disability Response Team (ODRT); or Worker’s Health and Safety Centre (WHSC) 
    v) apply to a co­sponsored or co­subsidized course which will have priority over other requests 
    vi) apply to an educational course offered by the PSAC which will be considered subsequent to    (iv)
   vii) Requests for a subsidy should be submitted to the PSAC Regional Office for recommendation. The Regional Office consult with the respective geographic regional council member(s) prior to making a recommendation
   viii) Once recommended, the request should be submitted to the Regional Education Officer for approval. The REO shall consult with the chair of the Regional Council Education Committee prior to approving the request
2: The REO will report to: 
ix) Education Committee quarterly on approved applicants