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Ontario Fall School

October 11, 2012 to October 14, 2012
551 Windermere R., London, ON N5X 2T1 - Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, London , Ontario (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
August 17, 2012



Union Training in a fun and relaxing atmosphere!  It is an opportunity for members to gain specialized knowledge and skills. You will network and build solidarity with other PSAC members from across the Region. Returning to your workplaces and locals energized to work on behalf of the membership in your community.


Our 2012 Fall School program will reflect the PSAC’s priorities of: Political Action and Campaigns and Building the Union at the Base. According to the approved Ontario Region Education Plan (2010-2012) we will offer 4 courses: 


Ideally, two or more members of the same local executive should participate in this
course. You will develop leadership skills, problem­solving skills, and mobilization 
skills. Course content includes the role of the local executive, strategic planning,
local activities, local committees and terms of reference, communicating and 
recruiting, representation issues and the Duty of Fair Representation, local meetings,
improving the effectiveness of union management consultation and rights and 
protections of union representatives. You will learn about social activism and how 
to involve members in the broader labour movement. You will participate in a 
module on the implementation of the PSAC Anti­Harassment Policy including the 
roles and responsibilities of the Local.
OPEN TO: All Local Executive Officers and Stewards, with priority to Local 
Executive Officers.
Prerequisite: The Talking Union Basics course (TUB) or its equivalent.


This comprehensive advanced course will equip participants to provide 
representation and advice for members with disabilities who require accommodation 
in the workplace. Issues include avenues for compensation (i.e. Workers’
Compensation and Disability Insurance), mental health disabilities, harassment and 
accommodation and intersectional oppression. Participants will work with complex 
case studies, based on jurisprudence, in order to work through various
accommodation scenarios.
OPEN TO: Steward, Local Officers, Human Rights Activists, Members of Equity 
Committees, Health & Safety Activists, WSIB Advocates, Members of Return to 
Work Committees.
Prerequisite: Applicants must have successfully completed the Talking Union 
Basics course (TUB) or its equivalent and had Steward training (i.e. Grievance
Handling course or Advanced Steward Training or equivalent), experience with 
representation and exposure to issues related to the duty to accommodate.
Please note: You must request “Leave Without Pay” (LWOP) from your
Employer, Duty to Accommodate is the Employer’s responsibility.


This course identifies acts of bullying and harassment and examines the roles and 
responsibilities of the union and employer in relation to anti­harassment policy and 
creating safe workplaces. Participants will learn how to implement and apply the 
PSAC Anti­Harassment Policy, as well as review alternative processes to resolve 
complaints and support members experiencing bullying and harassment. The course 
will also discuss what members and Local representatives should expect from an 
employer investigation and how the Duty of Fair Representation works. By the end 
of the course, participants should understand the roles and responsibilities of the 
union and employer, have a good working knowledge of the PSAC Anti­
Harassment Policy and be able to help create harassment­free workplaces.


This course will provide participants with a basic level of occupational health and 
safety awareness including hazard recognition and the legal rights and 
responsibilities of all workplace parties. It’s also designed to build participant 
confidence and encourage active involvement in workplace health and safety 
initiatives. The Level I program consists of seven (7) core modules
• Legislation (Provincial or Federal)
• Principle of Control 
• Staying Alive while Earning a Living 
• Toxic Substances
• Body and the workplace 
• Cancer
• Myth of the Careless Worker 
* and three (3) additional elective modules.
Open to: PSAC members who are either members of the Joint Health & Safety 
Committees or are workplace Health & Safety Representatives. The course is open 
to members from both the provincial and the federal labour jurisdiction.
Prerequisite: Completion of the Talking Union Basics (TUB) course is strongly 
Loss Of Salary: Applicants must request Salary Replacement by your Employer as
H&S is an Employer obligation.