Representing & Advocating Against Racism

September 30, 2017 to October 1, 2017
PSAC Toronto Regional Office-Large Boardroom-90 Eglinton Ave. East-Suite 608, Toronto, Ontario (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
September 22, 2017
Representing and Advocating Against Workplace Racism Course Objectives: At the end of this course, members will: Know: More about racism and racial discrimination-What to anticipate in racial discrimination situations-Options for addressing racial discrimination Feel: Prepared to intervene effectively in racial discrimination cases. Able to advocate and represent on race discrimination grievances Be able to: Support racialized members who are victims of racism. Carry out their responsibilities in ensuring our members’ workplaces are free of racism. Identify appropriate means of resolving workplace racial discrimination situations OPEN TO: Stewards, Local Officers, Anti-Racism Advocates and Human Rights Activists. Graduates of the Advanced Representation Training for Stewards course (ARTS) and the Advanced Human Rights Activism (AHRA) course are encouraged to apply. Prerequisite: Participants must take the two day Core Grievance Handling course OR have equivalent grievance handling experience OR have had experience in anti-racism advocacy (workplace or community). This course assumes that participants know basic concepts around human rights and grievance handling. Participants who have grievance handling experience but limited human rights experience should take the PSAC on-line course “Human Rights are Workers’ Rights”. Participants with human rights experiences and limited grievance handling experiences should take the PSAC on-line course “Grievances and Representation Primer”.