KTN RO - Talking Union Basics (TUB) - 2 Days

February 25, 2017 to February 26, 2017
(All day)
Kingston RO, Kingston, Ontario (Map)

This is the Union’s key introductory course. If you have wondered what it means to be a union member, how the PSAC works, and what happens to your dues dollars, the TUB is the course will provide you with the answers. The course also introduces the collective agreement, your rights as an employee and your rights as a member of the PSAC. You will learn about the many opportunities to be active in the union and ways you can make a contribution to building strong Locals in the Ontario region. It is recommended that members take this course first, as it provides the basic knowledge you will need to get the most from other PSAC courses. The TUB course is a prerequisite for Grievance Handling, Local Officers’ Training, Duty to Accommodate and all Advanced Education programs.