National Day of Action & Remembrance on Violence Against Women - December 6th

On December 6th, 1989, 14 women were gunned down by Marc Lepine while vocalizing “I hate feminists” at Ecole Polytechniques in Montreal. They were murdered simply because they were women.

Sadly this is far from a single event. The harsh reality is that upwards of 300 women and children flee violence everyday in Canada and sorrowfully, many do not make it out alive.

December 6th is a day for us to band together, to mourn and remember, not only for these 14 women but for all our Sisters who suffer violence based on their gender every day.

I encourage everyone to take the time to attend the vigils being held throughout our province. Also, to take the time to reflect on what has happened and continues to happen, while educating ourselves on what we can do to support our Sisters.

In Solidarity,

Missy Taylor,

PSAC Ontario Council Regional Women’s Committees Representative