Thunder Bay & NW ON Region Area Council Meeting Minutes of November 21, 2017

Thunder Bay & NW ON Area Council
Meeting Minutes of November 21st, 2017
Thunder Bay Regional Office

Roll Call of Officers:
Tony Crupi, President (UTE)
Peter Cloidt, Vice-President (UTE)

Kevin Lundstrom, Treasurer (UHEW) advised that he will no longer participate by phone due to poor quality of regional office phone line.

Rita Lemick, Secretary (UHEW)
Sheila Karasewicz, (UNE)
Michelle Woods, (UNE)

Kerry Zimmerman, (DCL)
Jason Storkson, Region 1 ON Council Rep (DCL)
Margaret Paglaro (UHEW)

PSAC Staff:
Sandra Goodick, Regional Representative
Nancy Johnson, Administrative Assistant

Call to order: Tony called the meeting to order at 5:33

Tony discussed the laying of the wreaths at the three (3) locations and thanked the members for doing so on behalf of the PSAC Area Council. He will send thank you letter/card to Jean Kerber (UTE). Both Jay and Tony were ill with the flu and could not participate.
Discussed and set the Christmas party open house date. Date was set for Thursday, December 13th. Sandra to ask Santa to make an appearance. Nancy confirmed with Jenn Kovacs, RWC chair that they would share the costs for food and supplies for the party. Suggestions included a hot meal, not pizza. Tony will look at options and advise. The RO staff will assist as asked and Tony will advise the office about details for the poster.
Regional Rep update:
Sandra shared the tentative 2018 training schedule.
Education budget for the Thunder Bay RO is $17, 000.00
TUB will be offered in January
Lobbying & Media training tentatively February 10-11
Steward series will be offered on Wednesday evenings in the months of Jan-March. These modules can be done on line as well and our pre-requisites for advanced courses so we want to ensure that members qualify.
New schedule will be posted once approved

Next meeting:
To be determined in the new year

Our Organization: