Thunder Bay & NW ON Region Area Council Meeting Minutes of April 12, 2017

Thunder Bay & NW ON Area Council
Meeting Minutes of April 12th, 2017
Thunder Bay Regional Office

Peter Cloidt, President
Tony Crupi, Vice-President
Rita Lemick, Secretary
Kevin Lundstrom, Treasurer
Michelle Woods

Call to order: 5:25 pm
Adopt agenda: All
Minutes: Table adoption of Feb 8th minutes

Treasurer’s Report:
Kevin provided last available statement. As of end of February 2017 balance is $1753.54. Still waiting to reconcile on next statement $100 cheque (for $100 Convention Registration Fee for AC Delegate), along with monthly service fee. Resulting in a new approximate balance of $1650.00 for April. It takes a couple of weeks after month end to get a monthly statement in the mail.
Kevin went to the credit union today to start the request process to have online only viewing access for all AC members so we can have a more updated picture of finances.
Kevin is preparing year end statement to assist with budget rolling forward. Sandra/ Kevin will check to see if Sharon sent out correspondence/ forms for this new fiscal year. There was a detailed discussion of what is needed for finalizing the rest of the year end submission to PSAC Ontario.
2017 draft budget is:
Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario Area Council
January 1, 2017 - December 31, 2017


Meeting Expenses
May AGM and political action aspect and speaker $650.00
December Member Meeting and political action aspect $300.00
Amenities for other Area Council Meeting dates $75.00

Thunder Bay Labour Council Day of Mourning $150.00
Thunder Bay Labour Council Labour Day Events $300.00
Cost sharing partner labour friendly political action $150.00

Event/Project Expenses**
Labour Day Picnic PSAC booth and events $600.00
Remembrance Day Wreaths for ceremonies $150.00
PSAC Member Recognition Plaques $150.00
National Aboriginal Day action in Region 1 $150.00
Pride Day action in Region 1 $150.00
PSAC union wear or swag to promote AC participation $400.00
Diversity and Antiracism breakfast 4 tickets $100.00
Tickets for Exec. To attend NDP Event in Thunder Bay $200.00
Political Action Lobbying and Meeting Expenses $200.00

Thunder Bay Labour Council Affiliation Dues $135.00
Area Council Delegate PSAC Registration Fee $100.00
Affiliation dues to International Labour Organization $100.00
APSAR affiliation dues $20.00
Bring one N.W.O. member in for Area Council Meeting $300.00
mileage, meal, childcare costs for members to attend $150.00


Bank Balance, as of December 31, 2016 $1,351.88

if we separately get Labour Day funding $300 + $600 $2,278.12 needed

Motion to accept report of Treasurer m and s – Peter and Tony

Area 1 Ontario Council Representative’s Report:
Touched on upcoming convention, meeting to support the resolutions and candidates from our area. Resolutions review touched on and the one to eliminate the AC Rep. from the Ontario Council and rationale.
Regional Representative’s Report:
Staffing - Nancy Johnson is new indeterminate administrative person starting May 1st. Sandra will organize a dinner for Jacquie around April 22nd.
Lobbying training planned for April 22nd around Bill C-27 or childcare issue. Training will start at 9 am until 2 pm or later depending upon number of participants. Notice to go out tomorrow. No funding to bring people in but locales can choose to sponsor people.
Sandra will be running upcoming training: TUBS May 13-14 (Thunder Bay); Sept 16 Grievance Handling; Nov 25 – 26 Advanced Local officer (Thunder Bay).
Education budget - $6000 over budget from last year. Other ROs were over budget too. We now have $17,000 per year. After outstanding commitments, about $8,000 remaining for this fiscal.
Diversity Breakfast – Several from PSAC went. Dr. Marie Wilson spoke about Truth and Reconciliation.
Business Arising from previous minutes:

AGM to plan: Date will be May 15th . Sandra to organize AGM location Tony and Adam’s or alternate.
Motion to approve costs of AGM 2017 related purchases up to $500.00 and extra costs to be approved at AGM m and s – Kevin and Peter
New Business:
Day of Mourning April 28th: will be sent out again to share information. Sandra to lead. If roses are available at the site, we will purchase.
Motion to approve costs and reimbursement up to $100.00 for this event m and s – Peter and Tony
DLC Affiliation: $125.00 cost. Kevin will issue cheque and bring to AGM. Sandra will circulate information on DLC next meeting. 3rd Thursday of every month.
Motion to approve costs of Thunder Bay District Labour Council re-affiliation for 2017 up to $150.00 m and s – Kevin and Peter
National Aboriginal Day June21st: at Marina this year. AC has not received any information to date. Typically, we set up a table and tent. Sandra will notify if we hear something. Student helpers can get volunteer hours for school.
ThunderPride: beginning of June 7th approx. June 10th. Sandra will follow-up with information.
PSAC Regional Convention May 25th to 28th: we are all going. Awaiting delegate assistance coming around May 1st.
Labour Day: Sandra won’t be here on Labour Day. President will lead this activity. Kevin will look into small freezer costs we could purchase if needed. Tony may have private freezer access again.
Motion to approve costs of Labour Day 2017 purchases up to $500.00 m and s – Kevin and Peter
NDP Dinner: Bill Blaikie April 22nd. Fundraising $50 per ticket. AC members may attend. We are looking at 4 tickets.
Motion to approve costs of NDP Dinner purchases up to $100.00 for 4 tickets at $50.00 each m and s – Peter and Rita

Standing item correspondence: none received.
Next Meeting: May 3rd planning meeting 5:30
Adjourned: 7 pm

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