Kingston Commissionaires - Strike Alert

Our members, the Kingston Commissionaires, provide security services to the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston and are fighting for paid sick leave and to be treated with respect by their employer, the Corp of Commissionaires.

On June 19th, the Corp tried to circumvent the negotiations process by requesting a Final Offer vote be conducted by the Ministry of Labour. The same offer that the workers had previously rejected!

Our members stood strong and voted “NO!”

Now we are preparing for a strike or lockout, which can legally take place as of 12:01 am on Monday, June 24, 2019.

Please take a minute to send the CEO of the Corps of Commissionaires, Michael R. Voith an email in support of these workers:

Let’s all show our solidarity and force the Corp back to the table to bargain for a fair contract.

In Solidarity,

Sharon DeSousa,

PSAC Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President