Kingston Commissionaires Bargain for Sick Leave

The Kingston division of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires walked away from the bargaining table and filed for conciliation on March 12, 2015, and now are headed towards conciliation talks with PSAC. There are many issues still left to be resolved, but the top priority for members of Local 818 is paid sick leave.

“We’re an older workforce made mostly of veterans who have health issues, and health issues are our No. 1 priority,” said Richard Deacon, president of PSAC Local 00818. “Right now, we have no sick days, so we have to choose either to come to work sick or take it off without pay, which is not fair.”

The Local has about 85 workers, who provide security services at the Canadian Forces Base in Kingston and make on average $13 an hour. Members are looking to improve their working conditions by having sick days, so they do not have to use vacation days or lose wages whenever they are sick.


Kingston Whig Standard: