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Intersex Awareness Day

Intersex awareness encourages us to recognize variations in sexual characteristics that currently exist with persons experiencing the issue of not distinctly identifying with the traditional roles of either male or female while highlighting the many challenges that such persons encounter in their everyday lives.

Such challenges may stem from the shame felt due to unwanted sexual cosmetic surgeries endured as intersex children so that they “conform” to traditional gender identities.

Intersex persons may, later in life, choose to identify with another gender identity, despite being raised in a gender specific role of male or female. It’s often possible that they may not ever wish to exclusively identify as either of the traditional gender identities imposed on them by society.

Due to the inherent and complex issues associated with intersex persons it is extremely difficult for them to find any means of social or psychological support. Society must continue to provide a greater understanding of the issues involved and refrain from continuing to promote traditional gender binary definitions.

PSAC believes that everyone must provide the support and understanding required to persons experiencing such issues. 

In Solidarity,

David Carr,

PSAC Ontario Council Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender Members Representative