Talking Union Basics (TUB) THUNDER BAY February 23-24, 2019

February 23, 2019 to February 24, 2019
(All day)
PSAC Thunder Bay Regional Office 224-1139 Alloy Drive, Thunder Bay, ON (Map)
Sign-up Deadline: 
February 15, 2019
Talking Union Basics is an introductory, core course that has been designed to introduce members to their union and collective agreement. It has been drafted with the following goals and objectives: Goals • have bargaining unit members knowledgeable about their union. • initiate members’ interest in having their working conditions respected and improved upon in the workplace. • create a union presence in the workplace. Objectives By the end of this course, participants will: 1. know why workers need unions, 2. understand the basic principles and values of the PSAC, 3. know what the PSAC looks like, how it operates, how to participate and who to go to for information and help, 4. know their basic rights and how to exercise their rights, 5. understand their obligations as union members, 6. be able to read, interpret and apply their collective agreement. Open to: All members Prerequisite: N/A