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Talking Union Basics

April 2, 2016 to April 3, 2016
(All day)
PSAC Regional Office, 480 Sovereign Rd., U-11, London , Ontario (Map)

A G E N D A THE RELEVANCE OF THE UNION TODAY…… - What is means to be a Union member - Your union card – don’t come to work without it! - Accomplishments of the PSAC OUR RIGHTS…… - Knowing Our Rights - Knowing the Collective Agreement - Using the Collective Agreement PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS: WORKPLACE PROBLEM SOLVING. - Types of Problems/Problem-solving Routes - The Grievance - Collective Bargaining THE ALLIANCE….. - How the Union Works - What Happens With Your Dues - Participating in Union Activities - Keeping Well Informed / Being Connected “NEW TRAVEL POLICY” For this course, Saturday and Sunday…. 2.A Participants who live 60 km or less from course location are entitled to claim $50 per day to offset the cost of transportation, parking and lunches. 2.B Participants who live more than 60km up to and including 150km from course location, are entitled to claim mileage for transportation for one round trip plus $50 per day for any other costs OR they can claim costs incurred for regional public transit with receipts plus $50 per day for any other costs.(Municipal/local public transit is not covered). Pre-authorization by Regional Office to attend the course. 2.C Participants who live more than 150km and less than 300km from course location will be reimbursed in accordance with the PSAC Travel Policy for meals, transportation, accommodation (Saturday night only) and incidentals, provided they have been pre-authorized by the Regional Office, the Regional Education Officer and the Regional Coordinator to attend the course. Family Care costs will be reimbursed (receipt required and form to be completed available on course); loss of salary for shift workers will also be reimbursed (copy of authorized shift schedule required, attendance is approved by local, in advance, and must hold a position in local relevant to course. – claim to be completed on course) PRE-REGISTRATION is a must....course will be cancelled if there are insufficient members registered and only those registered will be advised of any cancellation. REGISTRATION FORM ATTACHED. Return to eatonl@psac.com or fax to 519-659-1132