Progress Toronto - Summer Training Series

August 27, 2019
Progress Toronto, 1179 King Street West, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario (Map)

I am very excited to let you know that we just launched our new Summer Training Series!

And you're invited to be a part of it. Click here or read on to find out more about our Summer Training Series.

Conservatives like Doug Ford are bringing in unpopular cuts that deepen inequalities and further set back the next generation. To get away with this, they depend on people being disconnected from decision-making.

But we’ve proven that we can change even the most conservative politician’s vote by talking with people in their electoral districts about conservative choices and progressive solutions - and then making it easy for those people to take action. Take our win on Public Health for example!

With hundreds of people trained to respond and make it easier for tens of thousands to take action, we can stand up for our city and organize for a more progressive Toronto.

That’s our vision and that’s why we’re committed to running a suite of training programs that will help hundreds of Torontonians learn more about how to organize and influence decision-making locally.

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We are offering 5 sessions for you to choose from. And you're welcome to join a training even if you haven't signed up to volunteer with us yet!

At every training, you’ll have the chance to meet great people and learn key skills needed to stand up to Doug Ford and build a better city.


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We are offering these sessions completely free. If you're able to help us cover some of the costs for the training, chip in to our Progress Training Fund.


Building a more progressive Toronto will take hundreds of community leaders and volunteers organizing across the city. The more people we have trained to do this work, the more conversations we can have with Torontonians and the more people who will join us in building a more democratic, just, and progressive Toronto. 


Saman Tabasinejad
Project Manager
Progress Toronto


We are committed to helping people become even better at organizing for progressive change in their communities. That's why we offer all our training programs for free - because cost should never be a barrier to entry. If you're able to help us cover some of the costs for the training, chip in to our Progress Training Fund.