PRIDE Committee Annual General Meeting

March 25, 2015
Toronto Regional Office - Large Boardroom, Suite 608, ON (Map)


DATE: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TIME: 6:30pm- 8:00pm

WHERE: PSAC Large Boardroom, 90 Eglinton Ave E




  • Leader/Facilitator- Iain

  • Recorder- Steve

  • Timekeeper- Michael



  • Welcome/Introduction (5 minutes)

  • Check In (all) (5 minutes)

  • Finance Budget (20 minutes)

  • AGM PSAC GTA Pride Committee Executive Elections (30 minutes)

  • Pride Toronto 2015 (5 minutes)

  • Resolution of outstanding issues from last meeting (5 minutes)

  • Status updates, including presentation of quotes (5 minutes)

  • If tasks are not completed, re-assignment of tasks (5 minutes)

  • Next meeting date outlining actions to be completed (5 minutes)·

  • Other Issues/Concerns (5 minutes)




If you have any questions, e-mail


If you are not able to attend our Annual General Meeting, but would like to run for a position on the PSAC GTA Pride Committee Executive, you can!


Please submit a signed nomination form (attached), with your nominator’s and seconder's signatures by March 25, 2015.


Either your nominator or seconder will speak on your behalf during the elections.


Please note, you, your nominator and seconder must:

- self-identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ (including Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Intersex, Queer/Questioning, and 2-Spirited) community and

- be a PSAC member in good standing to run for one of 4 positions:



• Will Chair the meetings

• Is a signing officer of the Committee

• To guide the continuing growth and development of the PRIDE Committee.

• Strengthens partnerships with other organizations

• Crystallizes the statement of purpose of the PRIDE Committee

• Prepares annual report on all activities of the Chairperson

• Represents the PRIDE Committee at functions in which the committee is involved


Alternate Chair

• Chairs all meeting in the absences of the Chairperson

• Is a signing officer of the Committee

• Maintains copies of the Constitution, Bylaws and all supporting codes

• Provides assistance to the Executive Committee where/when required


Pride Coordinator

• Works with the GLBT PSAC Ontario Representative and the PSAC office to

ensure visible presence within the community during PRIDE month.

• Liaison with Toronto PRIDE

• Mobilize members for the activities surrounding Toronto PRIDE events and the PSAC PRIDE float.



• Is a signing officer of the Committee

• Provides administrative, project and executive support

• Maintains log of all minutes and other PRIDE Committee activities

• Prepares and monitors the budget

• Prepares and presents financial statements annually

• Maintains portfolio of yearly activities of the Committee

• Ensures proper financial records and procedures are maintained



Please RSVP so we can provide the right amount of snacks :)


Hope to see you there!

PSAC Greater Toronto Area Pride Committee