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(ODRT) OCCUPATIONAL DISABILITY RESPONSE TEAM WORKPLACE SAFETY AND INSURANCE BOARD (WSIB) LEVEL 1 – RIGHTS & OBLIGATIONS Level 1 provides front-line advocacy skills to union members. Participants will receive an insight into the operations of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, as well as an understanding of the rights and obligations of injured workers. At the end of the training, participants will be able to assist injured workers in the steps of filing claims, completing forms, receiving benefits and service entitlements, and accident prevention protocols.

The basic Introduction for Local Officers course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Local Officers Training. By the end of this 2 day advanced course
Participants will be able to:
• Identify important Local issues/responsibilities that require funding
• Analyze existing Local budgets and financial statements to determine if priority issues have appropriate funding
• Explain the purpose of Local by-laws and analyze existing by-laws to determine if they are satisfactory and develop a plan to create/amend/update their Local by-laws

This course is intended to: • Expand our understanding of concepts of mental health and how mental health issues can impact on our workplaces; • Discuss the challenges stewards face with representing members experiencing mental health issues; • Briefly review our Duty to Represent members and strategize ways to meet this duty with special focus on mental health; and • Review the employer’s Duty to Accommodate responsibilities and take away a tool kit to assist with representing members with mental health issues.