CLC Election Preparation Conference (Thunder Bay)

March 20, 2015
Lakehead Labour Centre, 929 Fort William Road, Thunder Bay, ON (Map)

Where: Lakehead Labour Centre, 929 Fort William Road

Federal Election 2015 is fast approaching and we want to make sure that workers’ concerns are well represented in the discussions and outcomes.

Election time is our opportunity to make change happen. Workers and the labour movement have a voice that counts and if we work together in the lead-up to this election we can bring in a government that shares our values of fairness for one and all.

What values are we talking about?

  • Values that say every senior has a right to live in dignity and free from poverty with a fair Canada pension plan.
  • Values that say young people have a right to a decent job and hopeful future.
  • Values that say health care in Canada is for everyone.
  • Values that say affordable child care benefits the economy.

To see change happen, we need to act and talk to our colleagues, neighbours and families about these values, who best represents them and will work to safeguard them in our laws.

Our plan is to bring together seasoned campaigners and new activists from a wide range of communities and workplaces to share the experience they have while learning the latest and best practices for effective campaigning – from outreach and training to social media. Our goal is to show them how to take on the negative, powerful politics of greed and deliver a win for fairness.

A series of skill-building workshops will help you:

  • Obtain new skills to help in local campaigns
  • Get the tools to talk to anyone about this election and all the important issues
  • Build face-to-face skills to talk to people in the workplace and on the door step
  • Learn how to build political support and capacity in your community
  • Learn how to use social media for effective campaigning
  • Learn how to reach out to different communities of interest

Who should go?

The people in your union who can build, lead and deliver a winning campaign need to be at this conference – leaders, community campaigners, organizers and communicators; women and men, young and old; workers of colour, with disabilities, Aboriginal, LGBT; public sector and private sector; full-time, part-time or retired.

Sign up now for an Election Preparation Conference in a city near you and together we can create activists on the ground to make change happen and build a fairer Canada that works for us all.

Please check the CLC events registration page to see if registration is open for a conference near you