Doug Ford and the threat to our democracy

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is deeply troubled by Ontario Premier Ford’s decision to over-ride the Charter Rights of Canadian citizens in Ontario after a judge determined that the government’s legislation to restructure Toronto City Council was unconstitutional.

The fact that the Court’s decision was overturned on appeal does not alleviate in any way our grave concern with Premier Ford’s actions. He has demonstrated he is prepared to resort to whatever means at his disposal to ram legislation through the legislature, and he has stated that he is prepared to invoke the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution again in the future.

Premier Ford and his government are intent on ruling without listening to the people of Ontario most affected by the laws they want to pass. By threatening to over-ride Charter Rights, they are creating a climate of fear. However, this attack on democracy will not succeed because workers and all citizens will not be intimidated.

As leaders representing Public Service Alliance of Canada members in Ontario, we pledge to work with other Ontario organizations, political leaders and people’s movements to defend the Canadian Charter of Rights. We urge our members to speak out against the Government of Ontario’s actions and to remain vigilant against further abuses of its authority.

In Solidarity,

Sharon DeSousa, PSAC Ontario Regional Executive Vice-President


Greg McGillis, PSAC National Capital Region Regional Executive Vice-President