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Current Education Schedules

Our events page contains a list of our upcoming courses.
We have five Regional Office (RO) schedules by Servicing Area (Kingston, London, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Greater Toronto Area) available as printable schedules below. We prepare schedules for the winter-spring semester (January to June) and the summer-fall semester (July to December).
Members are expected to apply to the basic courses offered within the servicing RO that they reside in, except in exceptional circumstances as outlined in the Ontario Region Basic Travel Policy.
The Ontario Region Basic Travel and Expense Entitlement Policy is designed to provide equitable access for members to our Basic Education Program and to ensure members’ expenses are offset in a consistent, transparent and equitable manner.
Our core education program includes the following courses:
Talking Union Basics (TUB), Grievance Handling, Local Officer, Health and Safety, and Human Rights related education.
Here are the course descriptions for all of the courses offered in the Ontario Region.  The education courses are created based on the identified learning needs of the Membership.  The Regional Offices in consultation with the Ontario Regional Council Members determine the course schedules.