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Bi Visibility Day

Since 1999, September 23 has been celebrated around the world by members of the bisexual community and their allies to acknowledge bi persons and their contributions to society.
Bi Visibility Day was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization felt by bi persons from the heterosexual and broader spectrum of the LGBT communities. Now, this day strives to increase awareness of the issues facing members of this community and provides an opportunity to celebrate their diversity.
Bi persons are impacted daily in the workplace and community by numerous issues and challenges. PSAC strongly believes that an appreciation of the fluidity of human sexuality is becoming more entrenched in our society. Therefore, the more we learn about one another will result in the much needed respect and acceptance of all members of our LGBT community who experience marginalization from their peers.
In Solidarity,
David Carr, 
PSAC Ontario Council LGBT Member Representative